Evolve Yoga is returning in 2016 with a fresh new look!  


Our 2016 classes will be held in the beautiful Evergreen Centre, Talbot Road, Balwyn (near Balwyn Library)


Please contact Sharon 0448 993 823 or evolveyoga@bigpond.com
























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"I have been attending classes at Evolve Yoga since its inception. The calm nurturing environment provided is perfect for relaxing and tuning in. I am now attending twice weekly and feel the support and guidance that is given and indepth knowledge that is shared by the teacher has truly changed my life. After each class, I leave feeling stronger, calmer and perfectly balanced!"

Karen T.,  Garden Educator and mother


"I took up yoga three months ago as an extension to my meditation practice.  I found Evolve Yoga through a friend of mine and the recommendation proved to be worthwhile. The peaceful environment created with candles, pleasant smelling incence and calming music enables a very easy transition into a focussed mind and body.  The classes embrace the physical and spiritual aspects of Yoga, and give simple explanations to the poses and breathing practices.  I enjoy a challenging and spiritual work out with a very relaxing and centreing meditation at the end of each session.  Now I really look forward to my classes and they form an important part of my weekly routine."

Owen S., Company Director



"that path is you

that is why it will never tire of waiting

whether it is covered with red dust,

autumn leaves,

or icy snow,

come back to the path.

you will be like the tree of life

your leaves, trunk, branches,

and the blossoms of your soul

will be fresh and beautiful,

once you enter the practice of Earth Touching."

Thich Nhat Hanh